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“A couple of the guys popped some beers open while I rushed upstairs to catch French Rockets. They were so good. Loud, guitar drone music. Two guys up the front with guitars and loads and loads of pedals and beat / loop programming and a live drummer. And their light show was pretty damn cool. I loved it.”

Adalita from Magic Dirt – Magic Dirt tour blog – October 3 2008

“Signature track and future single 1×1 closed the set, with its Primal Scream inspired Shoot Speed Kill Light coda, leaving the now full Capitol in no doubt that these lads are the real deal.”

Toxicon – Faster Louder –

French Rockets review for Ratatat (NYC) support. May 17 2009

“From the opening first chords, French Rockets put on a show worthy of thousands to witness. Perfectly synchronised lights and lasers, although on a smaller scale, were comparable to Tool or Nine Inch Nails’ live approach….Representing a professional, intelligent, and original approach to a visually synchronized live show, the Rockets seized my attention right from the outset.”

Blaines – Faster Louder –

French Rockets review for Split 12” vinyl launch with Injured Ninja, January 16 2010.

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