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Rockets Tube Research

FR like nothing better than to mine YouTube on a daily basis, discovering and re-discovering media that has either influenced the band or strikes a match of inspiration. From old grainy music clips from the 60’s to the frightfully bizarre world that is US Public Access TV, the FRockets have amassed a colossal amount of links to interesting, educational and just plain wrong clips.

So grab a cuppa and sit back…..

We have to start somewhere so why not Dr Steve Brule….for your health.

I have only recently been exposed to the Tim and Eric phenomena….but John C. Reillys Steve Brule is pure genius. CP.

CB Walker is one of the legends of  US Public Access TV. This episode is a particular classic yet all his shows have that certain medicated something. CP

Jerry Jer is up there with CB Walker with Public Access. I cannot simply fathom how this stuff can be aired! CP

One of the best YES songs never written yet remixed…..!!??CP

Maybe the finest solo concert by Neil Young…. just after he’d penned his Harvest hits. Godlike.CP

Absolut vodka commissioned advertorial Part 1 of 3. Brilliant in the most wrong way.CP

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